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RhinoTape® Self Adhesive

RhinoTape® is the quickest way to create flat or internal joints in plasterboard.
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Key Facts

  • Used to re-enforce the joints prior to the application of RhinoGlide®
  • Helps you secure joints to maintain fire and sound performance and prevent movement and cracking.
  • Gyproc Joint Tape is ideal for jointing both tapered and square edge boards.
  • Quick to apply by hand or machine, it's pre-creased for easy application to internal angles, and has chamfered edges and spark perforations for better grab and easier finishing.



Apply RhinoTape® where two pieces of plasterboard meet. This will re-enforce the joints between two boards. This prepares the joint for RhinoGlide® application. 

Articles information
Name Sales packaging
Name1305 Sales packaging48mm x 45mm

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