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Grippon® is a bonding agent used to improve the adhesion of gypsum plasters when applied in two coats.
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Grippon® is a plaster bonding liquid for use on most surfaces and specifically for:

Key facts

Used as a bonding agent to improve adhesion to gypsum plasters to pre-paint, pre-plastered and concrete surfaces. For internal use only.

Grippon is a plaster bonding liquid for use on most surfaces specifically for:

  • RhinoLite® to concrete surfaces. 
  • RhinoLite® to painted surfaces. 
  • Quick Cornice adhesive and RhinoBed® adhesive to painted surfaces



Apply Grippon® to the surface using a brush or roller. For surfaces with average absorption apply one liberal coat of Grippon®. For surfaces with high absorption apply two liberal coats of Grippon®. The the first coat dry completed before applying the second coat.
Plaster over the treated area, while the final coat of the Grippon® is still wet/tacky.

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