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QuickCornice™ is a light, cost-effective, easy-to-install moulded polystyrene cornice for ceilings, suitable for residential and commercial applications.
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2000 mm
160 mm

QuickCornice™ is designed to make a creative room makeover a quick, easy, and cost-effective process for any home enthusiast. It is durable, yet light and flexible so it easily follows the contours of a wall and ceiling.​

Our range of cornices can be painted with any high-quality water-based paint, blending in seamlessly with the wall or ceiling. This gives you the chance to add your personality and style to any space.​

QuickCornice™ is packaged in 4 pre-cut 2-metre lengths providing sufficient product to install an arranged room perimeter in a standard house of 14 metres.​

Product Benefits​

  • Quality and value for money​
  • Ease of Installation​
  • New look, Same timeless design​
  • Decorative and Enhancing 
Articles information
Name Sales packaging Width CPU length Article name
NameQuickCornice #4 Cyan Sales packaging4 pack Width125 CPU length2000 Article name27050
NameQuickCornice #6 Sky Sales packaging4 pack Width108 CPU length2000 Article name27051
NameQuickCornice #7​ Ocean Sales packaging4 pack Width140 CPU length2000 Article name27052
NameQuickCornice #9​ Azure Sales packaging4 pack Width105 CPU length2000 Article name27053​
NameQuickCornice #10​ Sapphire Sales packaging4 pack Width160 CPU length2000 Article name27054​
NameQuickCornice #12​ Midnight Sales packaging4 pack Width160 CPU length2000 Article name27058​
NameQuickCornice #14 Bleu Sales packaging4 pack Width80 CPU length2000 Article name27502

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