Case Study

Zeitz Mocaa, Cape Town

Thomas Heatherwick (International); VDMMA; Jacobs Parkers Architects; Rick Brown + Associates (Local)
Project completion date
V&A Waterfront Developers

In the heart of a bustling urban landscape, a visionary transformation unfolded. The focal point of this metamorphosis was an extraordinary 23-meter extra high drylined Gyproc drywall that lent structural support to the awe-inspiring atrium silos. Picture 42 massive concrete tubes, standing proudly at 33-meters each, their formidable exteriors concealing a rich history within. For ensuring the preservation of priceless artworks and safety of patrons, careful considerations was given to fire safety as well as acoustic comfort for visitors. All 80 art galleries demanded fire rating, extending to both walls, ceilings and floors. This imperative also extended to the 7th-floor restaurant area ceilings, underscoring the commitment to safeguarding the cultural legacy housed within. Today, this monumental transformation stands as a testament to human creativity and vision, proving the enduring power of art to reclaim and revitalize even the most unlikely spaces.

Project Challenges

Challenge 1 – Triple volume rooms meant ceiling installation required scaffolding –
resulting in additional time and logistical challenges.
Challenge 2 – Re-skimming of walls to consider changes in layout. Additionally,
addressed the significant moisture challenges on-site arising from adverse weather
Challenge 3 – Aside from designing the unique atrium space, the project's most
significant hurdle was managing the budget constraints.

Gyproc South Africa Solutions

Drywall - RhinoBoard® MoistureResistant plasterboard. RhinoBoard ® FireStop® plasterboard
Ceilings - Rigitone® ceiling boards for acoustic performance. RhinoBoard FireStop® a fire rated ceiling system fixed to a framework of Gypframe® UltraSTEEL® 51 mm
Plasters - The drywall system was completed with the luxurious RhinoLite® CreteStone® skimmed plaster finish, resulting in smooth walls.

Gyproc South Africa Main Project Solutions

Acoustic comfort ceiling systems to assist in providing a great environment for art contemplation
Thermal comfort drywall system allowing optimal levels of natural daylight
Lightweight solutions to comply with tight time schedule and dry build to minimise water use
Fire safety to ensure safety of patrons and artwork to a superior fire performance

Client Testimonials

“We took one grain of corn and started playing around with it. That’s how we came up with the idea to carve grain-shaped openings into the cement walls that now form the museum’s atrium.” – Thomas Heatherwick

"The Rooftop Sculpture Garden comprises of Saint-Gobain Glass’s very strong multi layered laminated Glass. This Glass lights up the atrium. We
wanted to incorporate art, into the building fabric so we commissioned El Loko from Togo in West Africa to emboss his new cosmic alphabet
pattern onto the Glass.
Installing the right materials contributed hugely towards the final outcome of transforming the old silo building into a sustainable architectural and artistic glory. The result is an interior space that’s safe and comfortable, meeting the complex installation requirements while remaining structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful." - Mark Noble – V&A Director of Development