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A high strength gypsum core for superior fixing strength, toughness and durability. Fix items directly onto the wall with screws. 
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Locally produced, RhinoTough®  is specifically designed for exceptional strength and durability. Its high-strength gypsum core ensures superior fixing capabilities of 12 kg per screw, making it the perfect choice for securely mounting heavier objects such as flatscreen TVs, shelves, cabinets, paintings, and more.

Key Facts: 

RhinoTough®  is a high strength plasterboard designed for high traffic areas.
Load bearing capacity of 12 kg, using a single #10 (5 mm) chipboard or woodscrew, with a safety factor of 4.
High-density core for greater impact resistance.
Board weight of 12 kg/m2, up to 20% lighter than comparable boards with similar performance.
Robust core density prevents sound transmission between rooms.
Ready to paint once board joints are treated.
Standard plasterboard installation guidelines apply, reducing cut off waste.
High performance systems with a cavity for accommodating services and insulation.
Thin profile for high performance walls, starting from 89 mm for a single layer wall on 63.5 mm metal stud.
Proudly developed and produced in South Africa.

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Name Sales packaging Article name
Name26395 Sales packaging1200 mm x 3000 mm Article nameRhinoTough 12.5MM