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RhinoLite® Multipurpose Plaster

Gyproc offers a comprehensive range of lightweight gypsum plasters, from base coat to finishing plasters.
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RhinoLite® MultiPurpose is a lightweight retarded hemihydrate gypsum plaster, specially manufactured as a combined basecoat, finishing and multi-purpose plaster for internal application onto brickwork, concrete block, concrete and Gyproc RhinoBoard®, and as a finishing plaster onto sand cement basecoats.

Key Facts

  • Easy mixing
  • Easy application
  • Smooth Finish
  • Should be used neat, added to clean water only
  • The plaster has a setting time of approximately 60 minutes


RhinoLite® Multipurpose plaster is a multipurpose finishing plaster applied with a one-coat application method using a steel trowel and rubber float. A straight edge and/or darbies will be required when applying as a thick leveling plaster.

Articles information
Name Sales packaging
Name20212 Sales packaging10 kg Pallet (80)
Name20050 Sales packaging40 kg Pallet (25)
Name2331 Sales packaging40 kg Each
Name2330 Sales packaging10 kg Each

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