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TitleFire resistanceSound insulation performance Rw (db)Length (mm)Edge typeNumber of total board layers
30392400Tapered Edge2
30422400Tapered Edge2
60462700Tapered Edge4
60422700Tapered Edge2
60492700Tapered Edge2
602700Tapered Edge2
60492700Tapered Edge2
60452700Tapered Edge2
60522700Tapered Edge2
120502700Tapered Edge2
120522700Tapered Edge4
120552700Tapered Edge4
120632700Tapered Edge4
120512400Tapered Edge4
120582700Tapered Edge4
30392700Tapered Edge2
30392700Tapered Edge1
60422700Tapered Edge2
60422700Tapered Edge1
60462700Tapered Edge2
60462700Tapered Edge2
60413000Tapered Edge2
60453000Tapered Edge2
180552700Tapered Edge6
60532700Tapered Edge4
60633000Tapered Edge4
60573000Tapered Edge4
60583000Tapered Edge4
60663000Tapered Edge4
60703000Tapered Edge4
60703000Tapered Edge4
180753000Tapered Edge6
180813000Tapered Edge6
30412700Tapered Edge2
30452700Tapered Edge2
30422700Tapered Edge2
30462700Tapered Edge2
60462700Tapered Edge4
60522700Tapered Edge4
90472700Tapered Edge4
90532700Tapered Edge4
90472700Tapered Edge4
90542700Tapered Edge4
120542700Tapered Edge4
120552700Tapered Edge4
60472700Tapered Edge4
60532700Tapered Edge4
60612700Tapered Edge4
60652700Tapered Edge4
90482700Tapered Edge4
90542700Tapered Edge4
90612700Tapered Edge4
90652700Tapered Edge4
120622700Tapered Edge4
120652700Tapered Edge4

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