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Sustainable habitat is our future and it starts now!

Buildings have a massive impact on the environment, with both their construction and use contributing significantly to the environmental issues we face today. For this reason, sustainable construction methods are becoming increasingly important. In Saint-Gobain Gypsum, we have developed a sustainable approach to our business which helps our partners in the construction industry (architects, contractors, installers to name but a few) deliver innovative solutions and services to their customers and clients.

Claude-Alain Tardy - Director of the Gypsum Activity at Saint-Gobain


By taking action within the product life cycle (from raw materials, manufacturing, logistics, installation, building lifetime, to end-of-life and recycling, locating manufacturing facilities close to local construction sites, undertaking land restoration of gypsum quarries, minimising energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and water discharge, supporting any (local) governmental "green" initiatives, assessing environmental impact through LCA's and EPD's and adhering to international building label certifications (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, GREEN MARK), engaging in the eco-innovation product development process, promoting eco-logistics initiatives and sustainable procurement policy, collaborating continuously with customers to incorporate feedback into the product innovation and improvement process, training staff about sustainable construction and sharing best practice with other countries.

Providing Solutions For Sustainable Habitat

Download our brochure on Providing Solutions For Sustainable Habitat

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