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Saint-Gobain Gyproc Plasterboards awarded Global Green Tag Certification

Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s range of Plasterboards for walls and ceilings has achieved the prestigious Global Green Tag Certification earning GreenRate Level C. 

The certification of Gyproc plasterboards is recognised by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) as a product certification standard for the Materials Fit out Calculator in Green Star SA Interiors v1 Rating Tool. It is recognized for certifying interiors fit-out, in the Assemblies category.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s Plasterboards including Gyproc RhinoBoard, RhinoBoard FireStop, RhinoBoard DuraLine, RhinoBoard MoistureResistant and RhinoBoard SoundBloc all consist of an aerated or foamed gypsum core encased in 100% recycled paper liner. The range of performance boards can be used for interior walls and ceilings in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, where thermal, acoustic or fire rating criteria have been specified.

In addition, the products do not contain significant quantities of substances that have harmful ecological or health impacts. The certification also affirms that the products were not sourced using processes harmful to high conservation value and/or remnant natural ecological communities or bio-reserves. The products do not create major environmental or health degradation.

“Achieving Global Green Tag Green Rate Certification, the benchmark source of verified, eco-preferred products is key for us. It further affirms our positioning of being very aware of the impact our products have on the planet. Our products are designed to create safe, healthy and comfortable urban habitats. We aim to be the worldwide leader in sustainable habitat solutions. Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes building materials and high-performance materials, providing innovative solutions to the challenges of growth, energy efficiency and environmental protection,” explains Atisha Gopichund-Lutchman, Head: Technical & Sector Management Saint-Gobain Gyproc.

Global Green Tag Certified Saint-Gobain Gyproc Walls & Ceiling Plasterboards:

Gyproc RhinoBoard – consists of and aerated or foamed gypsum core encased in, and firmly bonded to, special paper liners. RhinoBoard is used as lining/ cladding for ceilings, drywalls and dry lining. RhinoBoard is non-combustible and it is used as a lining in fire rated drywall and ceiling systems

Gyproc FireStop – plasterboard has fiberglass strands and unexfoliated vermiculite impregnated into the gypsum core to provide increased fire resistance.

Gyproc MoistureResistant – plasterboard is moisture resistant, the core of which is impregnated with water repellent additives. Product is suitable for use in showers, bathrooms and kitchens and where ceramic wall tiling is required.

Gyproc SoundBloc – consists of an aerated gypsum core encased in, and firmly bonded to strong paper liners. Product is suitable for places where greater levels of sound insulation are required, such as hotels, healthcare facilities and schools.

Gyproc DuraLine - has a higher density core and consists of an aerated gypsum core with glass fibre and other proprietary additives. It is suitable for dry lining internal surfaces offering a high impact resistant walling system for use where more durable structures are needed. It provides a lightweight, non-load bearing walling suitable for high circulation areas, including corridors and stairwells in healthcare, educational and commercial buildings.


Green Tag Certificate

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Gyproc customer service Toll free 0860 272 829

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