Introducing RhinoTough®: South Africa's Toughest Plasterboard

Rhinotough Campaign

Gyproc South Africa proudly unveils RhinoTough®, a groundbreaking addition to the lightweight construction industry. Crafted with innovation and resilience, RhinoTough® revolutionizes the way we build, delivering unparalleled strength and durability.

Engineered with a high-strength gypsum core, RhinoTough® 12.5 mm plasterboard defies conventional limits. Its superior fixing strength supports up to 12 kg off a single full thread wood or chipboard screw, empowering you to securely mount heavy fixtures like flatscreen TVs, shelving, cabinets, and artwork.

But RhinoTough® isn't just tough—it's smart. With a maximum fire rating of 120 minutes and sound insulation up to 52dB, it fosters safer, more serene spaces. Say goodbye to wall anchors and plates; RhinoTough® simplifies installation, saving time and effort.

How to install Gyproc Rhinoboard® RhinoTough®

Ideal for high-traffic areas, RhinoTough® thrives in homes, retail spaces, hospitality venues, apartments, and data centers. Lighter and more transport-friendly than competitors, it slashes transportation costs without compromising strength.

RhinoTough® isn't just about strength—it's about efficiency. Install it up to three times faster than traditional methods, optimizing space in office blocks and residential complexes. Its integrated cavity accommodates services and insulation effortlessly, streamlining construction without sacrificing quality.

Compliant with South African National Building Regulations, RhinoTough® is rigorously tested and certified for fire, acoustic performance, and robustness. With RhinoTough®, build smarter, build stronger, build with confidence. Experience the future of construction today.

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