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RhinoBoard® FireStop® is now available in two options

RhinoBoard® FireStop® 12.5mm and 15mm for fire protection and RhinoBoard® FireStop® dB 15mm for fire protection as well as acoustic performance.

Key facts

  • RhinoBoard® Firestop® boards are perfect for use in Gyproc wall and partitions systems where greater levels of fire protection and acoustic performance are required
  • Two options are available - RhinoBoard® Firestop® for fire protection and RhinoBoard® Firestop® dB for fire protection as well as acoustic performance
FireStop protection

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Hotel guests need to feel comfortable, secure, and at ease in their environment, and Gyproc makes this possible with our innovative systems and solutions that are manufactured and designed to the highest standards. To impress your guests, use Gyproc products to help you create an attractive and comfortable environment where they can wind down and relax.

RhinoBaoard® FireStop® - with fire protection

RhinoBaoard® FireStop® - Fire Performance

RhinoBaoard® FireStop® consists of an aerated gypsum core with glass fibre and other additives encased in, and firmly bonded to, strong paper liners. RhinoBaoard® FireStop® is a plasterboard that is suitable for drylining internal surfaces. 

Designed for:

Plasterboard designed for Gyproc wall and partitioning systems where greater levels of fire protection are required.

Board Colour:

T/E - for taped and filled joints using RhinoGlide® plaster or skim application for RhinoLite® plasters.


The face (pink) of RhinoBaoard® should be plastered with Gyproc's RhinoLite® range of plasters. There should be a minimum of delay between completion of the lining and the commencement of plastering. 


Gyproc jointing materials produce a smooth, continuous, crack-resistant surface ready for priming and final decoration.


After the plaster finish or joint treatment has dried, decoration, including any decorator’s preparatory work, should follow with minimum delay.


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