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RhinoBoard MoistureResistant

Gypsum plasterboard with silicone impregnated Gypsum core.

Key facts

  • Gypsum plasterboard with silicone impregnated Gypsum core


  • Used in Gyproc partition, wall lining and ceiling systems to give increased moisture vapour resistant


Board color

Green Face Paper

Technical information

Product matrix

DrawingThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)
RhinoBoard MoistureResistant12.51200270035
RhinoBoard MoistureResistant12.51200300039
RhinoBoard MoistureResistant151200270045
RhinoBoard MoistureResistant151200300050
RhinoBoard MoistureResistant151200360059

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