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Gyproc RhinoGlide is a smooth setting jointing compound and a quick setting drywall joint filler for patching, bedding and finishing. This product has been developed specifically to assist the drywall contractor to complete the jointing on drywall jobs within one day.

Key facts

  • Designed as a filler for plasterboard systems
  • Can also be used as an interior crack filler and for filling rough plaster surfaces prior to painting


  • Make sure that the Gyproc RhinoGlide is allowed to set thoroughly between coats
  • Check that the screws and metal trims are completely covered with compound
  • Check that all finished joints are smooth and dry for decoration
  • Check surface generally for smoothness and possible unfinished work

Technical information

Product matrix

DrawingWeight (kg)
RhinoGlide 2020
RhinoGlide 1010
RhinoGlide New Formulation 2525
RhinoBed New Formulation 1010

Gyproc customer service Toll free 0860 272 829

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