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Gyproc Levelline

Get the perfect inside or outside corner of any angle looking straight and true.

Key facts

Gyproc Levelline provides perfect corners by fitting every angle, every time.



  • Applied with Gyproc RhinoGlide Joint Filler to both sides of the external corner, it has a uniform, strong structural bond due to its paper backing.
  • Faced with a low-friction, high-quality paperboard and backed with a joint tape paper, it is ideal for applying paint or wallpaper to.



  • Gyproc Levelline’s high strength co-polymer core offers a strong and uniform surface which prevents cracks, blows and dents.
  • Corners will not separate from the wall and can withstand shifting, drying and humidity variations. Its high durability prevents return visits to the corner caused by post-install damage.


  • Featuring a low-friction, metal-free composition, Gyproc Levelline is quick, easy and safe to install.
  • As Gyproc Levelline is installed using the same methods as traditional corner tape, no additional jointing training is required. Boxed in a 30m roll.
  • Gyproc Levelline is easy to transport.


  • The memory-free hinge holds the desired angle and makes it easy to adjust for both internal and external angles.
  • Perfect for plastering, Gyproc Levelline makes raked and splayed angles a breeze, providing a straight line every time.

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