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Gypframe® N

Gypframe® N is the ideal ceiling grid product when specifying a concealed ceiling grid that requires complex shapes, multiple levels and quick installation.
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The use of a main-bar and cross furring channel components ensure accurate quick installation. The Gypframe® N grid is suitable for RhinoBoard® 6.4, 9, 12.5 and 15 mm plasterboards. Gyptone® and Rigitone® tiles and boards can also be used in acoustic applications.

Key Facts

  • Quick installation
  • Concealed ceiling grid

Articles information
Name Sales packaging Article name
Name22972 Sales packaging22 mm x 3600 mm x 18 mm Bundle(40) Article nameGypframe® N Square Wall Angle
Name22969 Sales packaging35 mm x 3600 mm x 14.5 mm Bundle(20) Article nameGypframe® N Cross Furring Channel
Name22968 Sales packaging25 mm x 3360 mm x 27 mm Bundle(20) Article nameGypframe® N Main Bar