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Steel Brandering

The rigid metal is now an integral feature of the UltraSTEEL™ drywall systems. With this new patented UltraSTEEL™ process it is clear that Gyproc and DONN commit themselves to cost effective solutions, innovations and quality in setting new standards for the future in the use of drywall systems in the building industry.

Key facts

  • More cost effective than present conventional drywall systems
  • Durable, strong and adaptable metal stud
  • Surface indentations in metal make screw location easier and reduce slip
  • Surface indentations also gives better handling and grip
  • Studs and channels are easier to cut


  • Folded edge for improved safety which means no sharp edges 
  • Speeds up installation

Technical information

Product matrix

DrawingLength (mm)Weight (kg)
Steel Brandering30000.86
Steel Brandering36001.03
Steel Brandering42001.2
Steel Brandering45001.29
Steel Brandering48001.37
Steel Brandering Joiner0.05
Hanger Bracket0.05

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