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RhinoBoard® 6.4 mm

Gyproc SA is the leading authority on ceilings, providing effective solutions for all types of building, from hospitals and schools to homes and leisure centres.

Our concealed grid ceilings, using Gyproc RhinoBoard®, will provide versatile, distinctive aesthetics that can enhance the interior styling of any building.

Key facts

  • Subject to loading detail, suspension should not exceed 1200mm centres
  • The suspension must not be out of plumb (vertical) more than 25mm for each 150mm of plenum depth and in no case should exceed 500mm to a 3000mm depth
  • Whenever the above is exceeded and/or when the hanger suspension is more than 2000mm long, then a sub grid is recommended. Should suspension be vertical, then a 4200mm drop would be acceptable using hanger strap
  • In no case should suspension be from other services in the ceiling void
  • A hanger suspension point within 400mm from the wall angle or shadow moulding must be installed on main tees and cross tees
  • Two steel pop rivets with a shear strength three times that of the maximum allowed ceiling load is to be used
  • When securing wire to tee, it should be wound tightly around itself at least three times
  • Should the ceiling mass exceed 20kg/m2, a sub grid is required and a consulting engineer should recommend suitable suspension


  • Used in Gyproc ceiling systems to give increased fire protection

Board color

Brown Reverse Side Paper
Brown Face Side Paper

Technical information

Product matrix

DrawingThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 16.4900240010.37
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 26.4900270011.66
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 36.4900300012.96
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 46.4900330014.26
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 56.4900420018.4
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 66.41200240013.82
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 76.41200270015.55
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 86.41200300017.28
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 96.54120300017.28
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 106.41200330019.01
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 116.41200360020.74
RhinoBoard® 6.4mm 126.41200420024.19

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