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Gyproc SA's range of acoustic ceiling systems provide amongst the most versatile design and aesthetic options in the market, whilst incorporating the unique environmental properties of natural gypsum. Our systems help to provide balanced solutions for projects where acoustic control is a consideration.

The range of ceiling tiles systems includes a wider choice than ever, from the popular vinyl-faced Gyprex® range to SoundLite, designed to enhance even the most demanding interior environment.

Gyprex® ceiling tiles are manufactured from RhinoBoard® with a tough washable vinyl finish bonded to the board. They are used in a 'lay-in' exposed tee suspended ceiling system.

Key facts

  • Ceiling boards are perforated and designed to absorb sound when used in conjunction with airspace behind the ceiling
  • Increased levels of sound absorption can be achieved by including insulation over the back of the ceiling
  • The standard face widths of the grid system are 25mm and 35mm. It is recommended that when specifying revealed edged tiles, check to ensure the correct grid for that site


  • For ceiling applications that require acoustic properties

Technical information

Product matrix

DrawingThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)
Gyprex® 12.5mm Frost White 112.560060025.34
Gyprex® 12.5mm Frost White 212.5120060050.68
Gyprex® 12.5mm Frost White Fissured 112.560060025.34
Gyprex 12.5mm Frost White Fissured 212.5120060050.68
Gyprex® 9mm White9120060031.02
Gyprex® 9mm Fissured9120060031.02

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