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Rigitone® 12-20/66

The Rigitone® board range comprises perforation designs with regular and regularly staggered round perforations, irregular scattered perforations and square perforations.
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The Rigitone® 12-20/66 ceiling boards are fitted with black acoustic tissue as standard and demonstrate very good sound absorbing properties, particularly in the frequency range of the human voice. All Rigitone® boards have Activ’Air® technology

Key Facts

  • Fitted with black acoustic tissue
  • Demonstrate very good sound-absorbing properties
  • Rigitone® comes in various patterns
  • A regular pattern of 12 mm and 20 mm round perforations at 66 mm centres.
Articles information
Name Sales packaging
Name10851 Sales packaging12.5 mm x 1188 mm x 1980 mm