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RhinoBoard® Now with EcoTech™

Gyproc's standard range of Plasterboard has now been "eco-innovated" with enhanced engineering technology for performance and sustainability.


As the world leader in light and sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain, have affirmed their commitment to becoming carbon-neutral by 2050 with the introduction of additional products and carbon neutral manufacturing plants around the world.

The latest product to be eco-innovated is Gyproc's trusted and original, RhinoBoard® plasterboard, which is now manufactured using EcoTech™, which allows the board to not only be easier to handle, but also easier to install.


Performance: driven by "Eco-Innovation" to deliver a board that provides the trusted strength that RhinoBoard® is known for.


Usability: a rigid board allowing for crisper edges, cleaner cuts, improved snaps and an easier fix


Sustainability: efficiently produced with sustainability in mind, achieving an *8% reduction in water usage, and a *10% reduction in CO2 footprint and with reduced waste


Site-Efficiency: an optimised board, that is easier to lift with a trusted flex giving better on-site handling.


Transport-Efficiency: an optimised board allowing you to transport more m2 per load from store to site


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