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High Performance Wall System with Habito (Header CTA)
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Gyproc High Performance Wall System with Habito™

HABITO™ high strength drywall enables you to hang items simply by screwing directly into the surface of the wall. Habito™ is capable of supporting as much as 15kg off a single screw, which makes it ideal for fixing larger heavier objects such as mirrors, paintings, curtain poles and even flat screen TVs. With its superior performance and durability, Gyproc Habito™ is also exceptionally resistant to everyday knocks and bumps.

Key facts

  • Gyproc Habito™ has the strength of brick* and the benefits of drywall
  • Fixability: To install heavy items, simply screw the item straight into the wall
  • Fixability: There’s no need for pattressing, battens or even drills
  • Wear & Tear: Change your layout and fixtures without damaging Habito™ Drywall
  • Comfort: Sound absorption and insulation makes the environment more comfortable and restful 
  • Comfort: Thermal properties ensure a natural room temperature that’s not too hot or too cold
  • Knocks & Bumps: Habito™ Drywall is reinforced, minimising day-to-day damage
  • Our new Habito™ Drywall is tougher & stronger than standard plasterboards. Change fixtures without damaging the wall
  • Strong enough to handle 15kg per screw and 5 x more core strength than standard plasterboard


  • Use Habito™ Drywall together with insulation and regulate the temperature of the interior as well as acoustic levels