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Green credentials all the way for plaster and plasterboard products

Sustainability is a hot issue right now, and we’re proud of our green credentials. While a product’s integrity and quality will always be key elements throughout the supply chain, environmental credentials are no longer negotiable.

Greentag Level B

International accreditation

Three RhinoBoard® products (part of the Gyproc stable) have received international accreditation validating their environmental impact following the global programme, the International Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) System.

RhinoBoard® 12,5mm and 9mm have both received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) under the ISO 14025 standard and EN 15804. While those may seem like a sequence of trivial numbers, they confirm an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about a product’s environmental impact over its whole lifecycle. The endorsement is valid for five years and provides a fair basis for comparing the environmental performance of products.

What’s more, for the fourth consecutive year, Gyproc’s range of RhinoBoard® products for walls and ceilings recently achieved the prestigious Global Green Tag Certification earning GreenRate Level B, while RhinoLite® plaster products for walls and ceilings achieved GreenRate Level B, Global Green Tag Certification for the first time.

Global GreenTag is one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised eco-labels. Their role is to independently assure that every product is fitness tested and certified under their leading certification programs. It is an accreditation standard recognised by the Green Building Council of South Africa. For materials to receive a green rating, they must undergo rigorous testing and meet evidence-based criteria, ensuring that they’re fit-for-purpose and environmentally friendly.

Greentag certification for plaster products

Green products

Gyproc RhinoBoard®, MoistureResistant™, FireStop®, SoundBloc®, and DuraLine all consist of an aerated or foamed gypsum core encased in 100% recycled paper liner. They can be used for interior walls and ceilings in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Gyproc RhinoLite® offers a comprehensive range of lightweight gypsum plasters, from base coat to finishing plasters, manufactured for internal application onto a wide range of surfaces.

Why is this so important?

Sustainability is directly linked to our awareness of the impact our products have on the environment. They are designed to create a safe, healthy and comfortable urban habitat that is also energy efficient, enabling homeowners to reduce their impact on the environment.

We are seeing a definite increase in the awareness of environmentally friendly materials, components, and final products. Increasingly, customers are requiring green performance claims to be substantiated.  These endorsements mean our products comply stringently with accepted industry standards and build on a strong foundation of trust and transparency which has always underpinned our products.

We’re leading rather than following as EPDs are becoming compulsory by law in certain markets, so Saint-Gobain must ensure our product credentials are broadly accepted across various markets and regions. They provide information about products so that architects, designers, specifiers, buyers, regulators, and the general public can better understand a product’s specific, as well as overall, environmental impact. 

That’s what good business practice is about.

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