Elevate your home with RhinoLite®

Elevate your home with RhinoLite®

Where design excellence meets better living. Homeowners, step into your everyday sanctuary with Gyproc's RhinoLite®

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Elevate your home

RhinoLite® elevates living spaces with its smooth aesthetics and seamless finish. Versatile for both walls and ceilings. 

Say goodbye to rough, bumpy walls and ceilings. RhinoLite® gypsum plaster ensures the smoothest finish, elevating every room.

Add a touch of luxury to your home with South Africa's No.1 gypsum plaster, RhinoLite®.

Inspiration for your home

This home demonstrates that certain simple adaptations and material choices are required at the design stage to deliver against the homeowner's requirements for comfort and well-being in an energy-efficient home.

Beach Shack Case Study