60min FIRE

Gyproc Concealed Grid Ceiling System_1HR FIRE RATED : MATERIAL CALCULATION

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Ceiling Area sqm
Perimeter m
Truss c/c (1.2m max) m
COMPONENTS Estimated Quantities
Lining and related items
1 boards
stacks (60)
2 Suspension of ceiling framework NB: a continuous length of hanger is to be used. lengths
bundles (25)
3 Gyproc Rhino Cove Cornice™ 75/125mm 3 meter per length lengths
ONLY 75mm in stacks stacks (98)
4 Gyproc Sharp-point Screws 25mm 1000 screws per box each boxes
Gyproc Sharp-point Screws 42mm   each boxes
Gyproc Grabber Screws   each boxes
Gyproc Wafer-head Tek Screws   each boxes
5 Gyproc RhinoTape® 45m per roll rolls bags
6 Gyproc RhinoLite® 3-5 mm skim Select 10kg or 40 kg bags bags pallets
Gypframe™ UltraSTEEL® Studs   lengths bundles
Gyproc Suspension Bracket   brackets bags (300)
Gypframe UltraSTEEL® Brandering 3 meter per length lengths bundles (10))



PLEASE NOTE: that the figures quoted are an estimate only - site conditions, project constraints and workmanship methodology vary per project & will influence quantities. wastage is not included. quantity of selected suspension type will depend on the plenum depth and will vary per project.