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Gyproc Drywall Calculator

Gyproc Concealed Grid Ceiling System_1HR FIRE RATED : MATERIAL CALCULATION

Fill in variables in the BLUE boxes

Enter the size of the application

Ceiling Area sqm
Perimeter m
Truss c/c (1.2m max) m

COMPONENTS Estimated Quantities
Lining and related items

1 boards
stacks (60)

2 Suspension of ceiling framework NB: a continuous length of hanger is to be used. lengths
bundles (25)

3 Gyproc Rhino Cove Cornice™ 75/125mm 3 meter per length lengths
ONLY 75mm in stacks stacks (98)

4 Gyproc Sharp-point Screws 25mm 1000 screws per box each boxes
Gyproc Sharp-point Screws 42mm each boxes
Gyproc Grabber Screws each boxes
Gyproc Wafer-head Tek Screws each boxes

5 Gyproc RhinoTape® 45m per roll rolls bags

6 Gyproc RhinoLite® 3-5 mm skim Select 10kg or 40 kg bags bags pallets

Gypframe™ UltraSTEEL® Studs lengths bundles
Gyproc Suspension Bracket brackets bags (300)
Gypframe UltraSTEEL® Brandering 3 meter per length lengths bundles (10))

PLEASE NOTE: that the figures quoted are an estimate only - site conditions, project constraints and workmanship methodology vary per project & will influence quantities. wastage is not included. quantity of selected suspension type will depend on the plenum depth and will vary per project.

Gyproc customer service Toll free 0860 272 829

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