Gyproc DuraLine


GypWall DuraLine is a high impact-resistant drywall system for use where a more durable structure is required. It provides a lightweight, cost-effective, non-loadbearing drywall suitable for all types of commercial, healthcare and educational buildings.

GypWall DuraLine wall systems made of DuraLine plasterboard (yellow paper lining) have been designed and developed with a higher density core to give greater impact resistance in heavy use areas.

Key facts
  • High impact resistance
  • Satisfies BS 5234 requirements to Severe Duty in a single layer
  • Single layer 60 minutes fire resistance to SANS 10177: Part 2
  • Accommodates services within the stud cavity
  • Major circulation areas for example corridors and stairwells.
  • Designed for use in areas that require greater impact resistance and an increased level of robustness.
  • Healthcare
  • Educational
  • Fire Rating: Fire rating range 60 minutes
  • Sound Insulation Rating: Sound insulation range from 41dB - 45dB
  • Duty Rating: BS 5234: Part 2:1992: Severe Duty

Installation Guide

Determine and mark wall position and make allowance for openings. Fix Donn UltraSTEEL™ Track at 600mm centres using suitable fixings.
Step 1
Measure the wall height and cut stud to size. Install the stud into Donn UltraSTEEL™ Floor Track.
Step 2
Twist Donn UltraSTEEL™ Stud into place.
Step 3
Ensure the stud is plumb and mark stud position.
Step 4
Fix the UltraSTEEL™ Stud to the abutting wall at 600mm centres using suitable fixings.
Step 5
Insert top UltraSTEEL™ Track into position.
Step 6
Fasten the top UltraSTEEL™ Track at 600mm centres.
Step 7
Insert UltraSTEEL™ studs at 600mm centres to a friction fit within the channel sections – this allows for adjustment during boarding. Position the UltraSTEEL™ Studs so all face the same way.
Step 8
Fasten Gyproc RhinoBoard 12.5mm to the framework using Gyproc RhinoBoard Sharp Point Screws 25mm spaced at 220mm centres.
Step 9
After the boarding is complete, apply Gyproc RhinoTape to all joints.
Step 10
Apply Gyproc RhinoGlide to the joints using a 150mm taping knife.
Step 11
Fill all screw heads using RhinoGlide.
Step 12
Apply a second coat off RhinoGlide using a 300mm steel trowel.
Step 13


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